Thought on a Thread Practices

The Three Thread Exercises

Thought on a thread is the red bead on the black thread. Giving out these little bracelets; practising the thread exercises; and and remembering to 'come back' to the present moment, whenever you notice the red bead on your wrist…..

• Be more grounded and present.
• Connect in kindness with those wearing identical threads near and fard.

the red bead reminds us to….

1. Feet on the Floor…………….EXPLORING

Putting the mind and attention into feeling the feet on the ground and exploring all the detailed sensations in toes, and balls of the feet, and heels. Noticing texture, contact, pressure, pain (if there is any), ease, weight, sensation and so on. Doing this for a few moments several times a day – maybe when we link to a daily activity (such as getting up from bed, or finished eating or at the computer). When ill or awake in bed at night – then putting the mind and attention into the contact of the body with the bed or floor.

2. Hand on the belly……………………..BREATHING

Placing the hand on the belly and inviting the mind to move to the breath moving under the hand. Feeling the sensations of the belly moving and noticing how the hand moves with the belly as we breathe in and breathe out. Doing this for a little while several times a day - noticing when the mind wanders to something else (which is quite normal and not a problem) – and seeing if it is possible to gently come back to the breath and the belly and the hand. This is useful to do whenever we are stressed, or under pressure. Just stopping what we are doing and turning to the breath can help us to notice what is happening and then choose what to do next.

3. Touching the bead…………………..CONNECTING

Touching the red bead, linking into the heart and opening to the possibility of sending kindness to ourselves. Not forcing this, just opening to the possibility. Repeating one of these phrases if you would like or adapting your own:

‘May I be safe and protected’. ‘May I be peaceful’. ‘May I know ease and kindness’.

We can also touch the bead, linking again into the heart and thinking of others who are ill or having tough times and wishing them well wherever they are. It is best to do this exercise for oneself first before moving on to doing it for others.

How to Order

Email your order to with

* number of threads wanted
* your address

The threads are not for sale - but if you would like to offer a donation to cover the cost of the materials and postage, that would be very welcome. In which case, post a cheque made out to Woza Moya UK, and send to Thought on a Thread, Tan y CLogwyn, Pistyll, Pwllheli, Gwynedd LL53 6LP.

All proceeds go direct to Woza Moya, an NGO in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, who work with local people affected by HIV & Aids.

Many mindfulness teachers give out these threads to participants. They serve to connect us as a group - and remind us to 'come back'.

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