I am happy to offer supervision to MBCT/MBSR teachers - especially those who teach people with cancer - and those who work with people or communities in disadvantaged areas / developing countries.

Supervision sessions tend to be arranged once a month, for an hour, preferably on Tuesdays, via zoom or landline, between 10-4 UK time. I encourage teachers to email me shortly before the session in order to frame their reflections. The supervision agenda is entirely theirs to suggest. We might look at specific issues evolving in the current programme group, or maybe look ahead to reflect on upcoming session material. At times, it can be helpful to share a video of their teaching for us to discuss together (as long as permission has been granted by the course participants and the camera is only focused on the teacher). We might look at a section of inquiry lasting for 10 minutes or so. This can be a helpful way of developing and deepening teaching skills and approaches.

I charge a fee of £50 per hour for teachers who are funded and working in the UK or similar contexts. For those working with disadvantaged communities, fees are negotiable.